About the College

The History

The first credit for the establishment of S. R. T. College in a region with majority population comprising of economically backward scheduled castes and weaker sections goes to Late Sri Raghunandan Tiwari, a zamindar, because he led to the foundation of college in 1961 by selfless efforts along with erstwhile intellectual section. Late Sri Raghunandan Tiwari donated 24 acres of land in the name of college and due to this kind deed the intellectuals named this college after him. Through the establishment of this college, a sincere effort was made to eradicate illiteracy and backwardness in this region.

Late Sri Lakshman Pandey, erstwhile Principal, is also remembered honorably for the development of this college. He consistently toured in the region to make people aware of the college and attract them towards education. He worked continuously for the development of the college and on 14 th October, 1982, the college was granted recognition under Bhagalpur University through a notification by govt. of united Bihar. The alumni of this college consist of doctors, engineers, professors, politicians, bank professionals and scientists etc who are making the college famous by their hard work.

The College

S. R. T. College is situated at a distance of 60 kms east from Godda Headquarters on Godda Barahaat - Bhagaiya Sahebganj road and about 110 kms from Siddho-Kanhu Murmu University. Its located between 86.97” and 87.85” east longitudes and between 24.62” and 25.78” North latitudes. To the east of the college is situated silk village Bhagaiya, famous since medieval times, to the west is famous ancient Vikramshila University in bordering Bihar and NTPC Kahalgaon, In the north is Ganga river basin and Sahebganj College, Sahebganj and in the south are located Lalmatiya coal mines and energy city Mahagama. This college is situated at the border of Jharkhand and Bihar. There is no other Degree level college in the radius of 40 km around this college.

The college is situated in the Meharma block .This region is still under poverty, backwardness and suffers from lack of modern resources. Despite lacking good connectivity and good road infrastructure this college has been successful in providing quality education due to industrious teachers and staff.In 1992 Sidhho-Kanhu Murmu University was established after separation from Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. Since then this college has become an integral part of S K University, Dumka. In this college students are imparted higher education upto graduate level. About 80% of students in this college come from scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, minority and economically poor sections of society.